Friday, April 10, 2009


The pages of 'MindYourBody' last week, wrote about mycoplasma pneumonia.
One evening as we were about to enter the cinema to watch the much anticipated BatMan 'Begins' I suddenly felt cold. Muffled a few coughs & feeling really uncomfortable that evening. . Little did I know, I was having a fever, when hours before, I had felt fine. Next morning, fearing the worst, Dengue fever, I visited the GP and had a blood test done. Returned home with flu medication. Result came back negative but the fever raged on with dry hacking coughs for the next 4 days & 2 visits to the GP. The lungs sounded clear but, doctor friend seriously insisted & arranged for an X-ray. Shock to discover white patches in the lungs. Immediately an appointment was made with a chest specialist. He was so sure of his suspicion that I was immediately put on two antibiotic for mycoplasma. Later, the sputum test comfirmed. Do not take any coughs with fever lightly as this bacteria attacked silently. A walking Pneumonia


stay-at-home mum said...

Hope you are feeling much better now!

iml said...

It had happened in 2005.