Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's hard to stay calm and not be unduly worried when there's constant bombardment of the latest figures, developments and severity on the media. It's in the air, travel 1st class in the lungs, it'll arrive here eventually. MexicanSwineFlu


Uncle Lee said...

Hello IML, Newspapers, media have to sell, so they put up headings to catch your eye, get you interested to buy and read.
Thats marketing. If they say, "small problem, no big deal', then they close shop.
So one way is to frighten everyone.

Not to worry, you'll be fine, just wash your hands everytime you come home or touch money.
A lot of sickness comes from touching money....its the dirtiest. Imagine who has handled it before you got it?

Keep well, best regards, Lee.

stay-at-home mum said...

So scary, isnt it??

iml said...

Hi UncleLee. Thanks for the reassurance. Been out this morning to the mall & it's business as usual.

The Orange alert is making all the healthcare staff very hot and stuffy!!! with the mask on that is.

doc said...

the mexicans don't like it called that name.

neither the swines.

it's influenza A H1N1, coutesy of Obama.