Friday, April 17, 2009

A Grand's Joy

Beaming with delight he announced. Another grandchild on the way. Three grand daugthers just as he hoped for.
A boy would complete the picture perfect family but he begs to differ.
To grandpa, granddaughters are charming & cheerful with quiet disposition. Simply enjoyable to read and spent time in the park or just splashing in the pool
To grandma, they are just adorable and genial. A pleasure to play and teach them. From observation and personal experience, it's usually the daughters that read mum's mind like an open book. She is closer to the parents and are normally sought after for advise on family matters. So much easier to confide in.
To mum, daughters bring immeasureable joy. Joy of dressing her in frilly frocks. Tying her tresses in pink ribbons. So much girl things to do together.
To dad, it's her sweet smile and innocence eyes that melt his heart. Though quietly he would like to have a son, Just like him. To show him the joy of growing up.
After all he too was just as charming, cute, innocent cheerful, lovable and most of all an obedient and filial son.

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