Wednesday, April 15, 2009


DrT has been attending to all our sniffs and colds since before the children came along. His medications, colourful syrups in plastic opaque bottles. Black for coughs, yellow, green or orange for running nose or fever. Tummy upset, then it's kaolin. A very old-fashion traditional medicineMan. There was a time when his prescription gave me itchy eye(adversed reaction to the eye drop) eldest's eyeball rolling(adversed reaction to the vomit medication) misdiagnosed my cough/fever(on my mycoplasma pneumonia), a hepatitis jab for my mum that left her with a blueblack mark for weeks, and with the latest, oversight, of an acute appendicitis. To err is human, to forgive divine. DrT is in his 60s, a jovial optimistic man. However with the latest episode, we are changing our family doctor.


stay-at-home mum said...

Some of these "older" doctors do not upgrade themselves nor attend refresher courses. My MIL had one that wrongly diagnosed her, and as a result gave the wrong medication that resulted in her having some kidney and liver problems!!
But his bedside manners are SOOOO GOOD, she still insists on going to him still!! Old habits die hard, i guess!!

iml said...

Sometimes, it hard to change when you are comfortable with one doctor who knows your medical history and has excellent bedside manners. Most doctors these days do not wish to spent unnecessary time listening nor explaining. Reason, too many people waiting outside/tired of saying the same old lines or just plain impatience.