Thursday, April 09, 2009


Secretly I envy women who, after eon years still meet up and stay in touch with their childhood/primary through JC girlfriends. They hold no barriers and hide no secrets. I drifted through primary, secondary then 6th forms without making any lasting friendships. Communication channels were limited then. Mostly by snail mail. Phones were not a fixed fixture in every household. Best friends were normally those staying around the neighbourhood. Mine was Patricia H/well. Knew her since 9. We spent our school holidays cycling, once from AyerItam to GurneyDrive, outing or just chatting at each others' home. At 14, her parents' divorced, she left with her dad to Kapit, Sarawak. Slowly our friendship waned. Every new learning instituition/workplace brings into my life new acquaintance. We met up after an absence of 10 years at my brother's wedding. The wedding ironically also made us distantly related. Though we talked incessantly, the comfort feeling was not there anymore. We never saw each other again.


stay-at-home mum said...

Oh, that's sad. As for me, I have recently re-connected with many of my secondary school friends again - found on facebook, as we are organising our 30th reunion!! Yes, 30 years since we left school. Funny it seems like we never let off, even tho' some of us have not met for some 29 years!!

Yan said...

Kapit? How small is the world.

I am only connected with one good friend from secondary school days, Connie. And we have "reunion" often when we can make it while I am in Kuching.

That's a long lasting friendship from young.

Las montañas said...

Yes it seems kinda sad. But in reality, we must accept the fact that some friends will never be with us all the way in our walk of life.

iml said...

Ohh.... how I envy you. Believe it or not but meeting up with childhood friends makes you feel like yesteryear again.

Your story on Kapit reminded me of her. Her dad was an Inspector in Kapit then.

Do you guys make an effort to keep in touch too?

doc said...

i know the feeling - i have around 5 best friends from primary school right till varsity, but somehow, after a period of separation, things just aren't the same after we meet again.

& i've always thought that there's something wrong with me!!

iml said...

Good and true friends are indeed hard to come by.