Friday, October 16, 2009

Wet or Dry?

Heard from Mr butcher that the wet market will be closed for 9 months next April for intensive renovation and make over. The most talked about topic amongst the home chefs, can supermarket replaced wet market? Given a choice, I would prefer to visit my butcher for my cuts. Been his customer for so long, that I now can sms him my orders, the night before. Mrs Fish would advise me on how best the particular fish should be prepared, if I ask. After calculating my purchases, Mrs Vege would add a stalk of chilli, coriander or spring onions knowing, I will appreciate this. Now would I get this personal touch at the supermarket?


doc said...

as you are already a regular customer, it makes sense to continue to patronise the wet market.

at least you know you'll always get the good stuff.

stay-at-home mum said...

I Guess you can get that touch at the supermart if you are regular enough. The lady at the ham counter always calls out if my fav ham is on offer and she will usually cut fresh ones for me.

But somehow, I still like the touch and feel of the wet market.

iml said...

The Spore Government is trying to encourage supermarketing and recently converting some wet markets into supermarkets, making many very displeased.

I guess like everything else, it's a matter of getting used to.

fibrate said...

Wow, wet market merchants in Spore have sure moved with the times! Haven't been to a wet market in ages, but I'll always remember those Sunday marketing days with dad - the sights, sounds and stench!

iml said...

Indeed. Wet market is part of our asian culture. Next time you're here in S'pore, do give the wet market a visit esp the one at Chinatown. The sighs & the sounds. Not stench!