Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Done Yours?

It was during a conversation with SIL, she confided that the specialist have opted a 'wait and see' attitude on the lumps discovered. A timely reminder to get mine done. And so I did. Having gone through previous screening without a hitch, thought nothing of it till a letter arrived. Advising me to make an appointment as soon as possible, for further screening and testing at the Assessement centre. Pamplets were included to explain in explicit details. And the anxiety began. A biopsy done strongly suggest that the lump should be removed. A far safer option than the 'wait and see' on the final outcome. Today, two weeks after the surgery, the final result showed no evidence of an invasive carcinoma but, flat epithelial atypia and incidental lobular neoplasia place me under high risk category.
Breast Cancer, the commonest cancer in singapore affecting 1000 women annually. Early detection through Mammogram is the most promising method of fight this disease.


doc said...

it's a good thing you had the procedure done. at least, now you know where you stand - the lump is removed, you know it's not cancerous albeit you need regular follow-ups.

isn't that a huge load off your back??

iml said...

I did not hestitate when the surgeon suggested that it be removed. Don't want the unneccasary anxiety of waiting.