Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being Twelve

As promised, immediately after her last paper, we headed to the shop. Youngest, all so excited but, as we approached the shop, she became apprehensive. She chose her favourite colour and when the lady sat her down, apprehension turn to fear. Upon seeing the equipment, tears started streaming. Meany mummy was being honest. It's going to be painful. Ant bite? Nay, it's as bad as an injection. After 10 minutes and a bucket of tears, she finally kept still and had her two ears pierced. Have been waiting for this day since sister had hers pierced 7 years ago.
A Rite of passage into adolescence.


stay-at-home mum said...

My 4 y/o had it done last year coz she wanted it - no tears. But my 13 y/o is still too afraid to want to do it.

Yan said...

And..I have lived to half a century, and still afraid to do it! Ha, ha..

You know, you have one thing less to shop and one thing less to worry what to wear!

My daughter had hers done right after her O level exam! I was praying hard that she would not have three in a row!

iml said...

SAHM & Yan:
Puzzle me how some can have the whole ear lobe lined with holes.