Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Around

At 13, eldest, for the 1st time, on her own got lost & confused in the MRT underground labyrinth. Had to call for direction. Even though we've been traveling on the Mrt/Bus countless times.
Yesterday, youngest, for the 1st time on her own got lost & confused in the MRT underground labyrinth. She called sounded paicky until I guided her to familiar surrounding.
Have to admit, it happens to adults too. When being driven, I sometimes get too carried away chatting/listening to the radio/ to notice direction to unfamiliar/new destination only to panic when I have to drive there the next time. When this happens, my eyes will be glued to the left for directional signboards. When all these fails, last resort, call hubby. If unavailable, then wind down the window and start asking for direction.


stay-at-home mum said...

I am one of those that never seem to get lost. I have a good sense of direction and can navigate like most Men. Ahem!

But my kids have yet to be put to the test.

iml said...

You are one person who won't be needing the garmin GPS nagivation.

See Teck said...

I've yet to allow my 13 year old daughter to go out on her own. Normally either my wife or myself will drive her to the shopping complex for gatherings with her friends.

iml said...

If in Msia, I too would do the same. However, over here in s'pore, most students start taking the public transport starting in Secondary one. On the whole, the enviroment & personal safety here is better.