Monday, May 18, 2009


More polytechnic students are graduating with very impressive records. Some excelled because they were given a 2nd chance, others, the passion for the course. A young man quit school at 15 due to bullying. Worked, fought, mixed up with bad company but finally realised he wanted to study. From then on, there was no stopping. At 26 he is going on to engineering NTU. A feisty girl with STPM from Msia who would not take no for an answer, came convinced and went on to prove her worth. Her next stop, NUS pharmacy. Another, after one year in NTU, she realised had no interest in engineering, with the blessing from parents & support from friends, she switched to diagnostic Radiography@ Nanyang poly. She took a chance and now going on one more year to graduate with a degree in Australia.

Polytechnic traditionally was mainly for those unable to qualify to JuniorColleges then to university. An instituition to train middle level professional with specific and relevant workplace skill. However of late this is changing. More and More brilliant 'O' result students are choosing this path, much to the angst of their parents. Students who, have strong interest in certain career path or are late bloomers. Giving them a choice to work or study after graduation. In many instances, many go on to finish with a degree from the local/foreign Universities.

Reluctant parents upon going through the prospectus of the Poly will realised how diverse/exciting are the courses offered. The prospect of continuing to a local/foreign universties makes it even more enticing. Slowly but surely nurturing the passion and fueling an individual to go further in many many little known profession. Carving a niche profession from the usual Doctor, lawyer,........

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stay-at-home mum said...

Many also choose the Poly route becoz of that dreaded 2nd language!!