Tuesday, May 19, 2009


At 3 half, Her morning starts with playing, mingling and laughing, exchanging words in chinese with teachers and playmates. Then mid morning, a quick change of attire, it's more fun again. Playing, mingling and laughing, exchanging words in english with teachers and playmates. As the weekend arrives, it's more fun again. Waddling and splashing together with other little darlings learning to swim. Clutching the miniature case all ready for fun, plucking and twanging at the violin class. A little haversack and a water bottle it's off for a game of playing with chinese characters. Fun begins with Learning.

At 4 He spents the morning with all the other playmates playing, mingling and laughing speaking in a melting pot of english, chinese, malay & dialects. Then mid morning, it's more fun learning how to. How to eat & clear the table/bath/dress/comb his hair/get along with others/observe the teachers going about their chore. Come weekend it's fun again. Watching & helping mummy with the house cleaning/ folding the laundary/supermarketing/ cooking. Fun begins with everyday living.
I wonder who has more fun.

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