Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wednesday: Things to do:

8.10am *Meeting with youngest's teacher a
9.00am *Weekly stretching classa
11.30am*Pick up lunch@ the hawker centrea
12.00am*Prepare stew for dinner a
12.30am*Pick up youngest from schoola
1.00pm *To son's poly with hubby to sign documentsa
4.20pm* Drop youngest at tutor's housea
7.00pm*Pick youngesta
All in a Day's work


stay-at-home mum said...

Sounds a bit like my day!

Las montañas said...

I noticed that alot of parents are personally sending/picking up their children from school. Aren't they old enough to travel on their own?

doc said...

Las M,

that's what i thought, too, until my own kids are in school.

iml said...

And we are the envy of most of our 'working mum' friends.

Only when they are in secondary school at least. I don't want to feel guilty being at home while she has to struggle with a HEAVY bag up a crowded bus. Crossing the road at the pedestrian Xing with some many drivers trying to beat the light.

I am sure we share the same sentiments

Las montañas said...

So I reckon that the main issue is the heavy school bag. But that aside, it does seem like an irony doesn't it? In the good ole days 30+ years ago when Singapore is still in the third world, we actually trust children to make their own way to school and back. So it does seem that the world although more advance has actually become more dangerous to live as well.

Yan said...

When they start their secondary school, both my children walk home. It's about 7 minutes walk, not having to cross the road. I remember there were many parents who commented that I was being cruel to the daughter. One parent who lived across the road of my house even "sympathized" with my daughter that "rain or shine" she had to walk! Now that she is in Australia, she feels thankful that mum has let her "walk" all these years! I firmly believe the walk has made her a little more "street-wise". Now my son walks - he even takes a step further, he wants to walk to school on a hot afternoon though.

iml said...

Yes, life back in the 70s were much safer. Most people today are impatience and constantly rushing to meet datelines. It's not even safe to use the public library toilets.

Come next year, like her other siblings, youngest will also be makng her own way home. By then she would have been older and more sensible(I hope).