Monday, May 25, 2009


One more week and it's MidYear. Youngest will be having a MidTerm break and Singapore, it's MidYear Sales. For me, it's MidLife juncture. With eldest going into tertiary education, son in Poly and youngest in secondary next year, it's time, this StayAtHomeMum looks for a second career. With the current economy, it's going to be tough. There is volunteering. Alternatively, to take up a course. Seriously pondering before my brain synapses stop transmission.


stay-at-home mum said...

It's tough. I have considered it too. But no one will take me for what I was trained for,coz I have been out of the profession for too long. It will have to be something we have a passion for as well.

iml said...

Looks like both of us and many others are in the same predicament. I still prefer to earn my own keeps.

Las montañas said...

such is the self-sacrifices moms like you go through for their children! guess it is hard for some of us to do that... too much self!

but hey! why not start your own business? online delivery of home made goodies? take over a shop?..etc

doc said...

don't under-estimate the power of neurotransmitters & synapses! it takes a lot more than an idle mind to stop the brain from firing up!

iml said...

That is a possibility. Best PineApple upsidedown homemade cake. Anyone?

ThankQ for the much needed reassurance.

stay-at-home mum said...

A slice of the cake for me, please!! On the house, I hope!!

iml said...

Anytime,please call in advance (: