Friday, December 12, 2008

Green wrapper

Nasi lemak to malaysian is like char siew pao to the chinese, sandwich to the english, onigiri to japanese or hotdog bun to the americans. Concentrated in carbo for energy and enough protein and maybe a sliver of green covered with mouthwatering sauce for a complete take away meal.
Still prefer the tradition Nasi lemak wrapped in Banana leaf with just half an egg, sambal ikan bilis and a thin slice of cucumber. Found this at the food stall along Beach Street one morning while waiting for the processing of eldest's passport.


f said...

And the sambal should be the sweet-spicy kind. Now you make me want to hunt for a packet too! But where to find at midnight? Am going to bed hungry :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes! And the banana leaf gives it all a special fragrance, My kids dont like those that dont come wrapped in banana leaf!!

iml said...

Yes, yes, must be sweet and spicy with ikan bilis!!

Indeed your children have a nose for good food! Best of all it's enviromental friendly. And we have been doing our bit since time immemorial till the west introduce plastic

[SK] said...

ooh, i certainly lurve this national food of ours!! that is for sure one of the items you will miss after a long time away from home~~

Las montañas said...

yeah, prefer the authentic original versions.. nowadays they come with fancy fried chicken wings, curries..etc

iml said...

It's the the fragrant nasi with the sambal that tickles the palate than the fancy chicken.