Saturday, December 13, 2008


Every child from the same set of parents is different. Eldest shriek and duck at the sight of a flying bug, son has no qualms squashing them(No need to Guess who always has the task of getting rid of unwelcome flyers). Youngest would sometimes spent her recess at the little garden pond catching tadpoles and tiny fish. Quietly tuck the container into her bag and brings them home. Eldest demanded that the 'pets' stay in the balcony AND no where else! On our holiday to the beach, instintively, she dived after the tiny sandy looking crabs as they ran helter skelter. She would corner them with her palm then scooped the sand and gently picked them up. Not once thinking that the pincher might hurt her. Day one, we had no container. So she hone in her crab catching skill. Day two, woke up really early before the beach strollers frighten all the crabs back into their holes. With grandma's brillaint idea of a cut off water bottle as a container, we went crab hunting. Have to say youngest was a pro. We now have 5 tiny crabs to care for. Feeding them bread and freeze dried fish. I have no idea what these tiny custacean eats.

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stay-at-home mum said...

Yeah! Every child is different.

Have fun with your new pets!!