Sunday, December 14, 2008

Carrot Power

At 13 he wanted to work, and he did. Selling bookmarks to raise money for some charity. Too young to be hired by the fastfood chains. The Carrot, extra pocket money during the holidays, for an electronic gadget. But it went to replaced the handphone he lost while working. All of 10 days.
At 14, a bakery down the road needed a part-timer. Washing, washing and washing the mountain of baking trays. For one month he gritted his teeth. This time, an MP4. Broke down after 6 months.
At 15, holiday classes kept him occupied but managed to talk dad into hiring him for 3 weeks. Data entry. Sitting and typing. Must be the most trying of all his holiday jobs despite the air-con comfort, free transport and lunch. The want of a PSP player kept him going.
This year, at 16, a restaurant at Vivocity. Clearing plates of the lunch time crowd. Another electronic gadget which I have yet to be told what.


stay-at-home mum said...

I think its great that he is working for his wants. He will end up treasuring his new electronic gadget more. And he will know that earning money is not so easy, so there will be less wastage. Kudos to him!!

I started working during my hols at 15, to buy christmas pressies for my family!! And also for the fun I had with my friends. Until today, this same goup of friends still meet up, for some catching up!! Thats the bond we had since sec school, even tho most of us went different ways after our 'o' levels.

iml said...

The experience of the working life and the appreciation of the value of money is what I hope he will learn.

doc said...

this guy has learned very early in life that nothing good is gained without hard work. keep it up & he will be a success, if he is not yet one now.

iml said...

Thank you for the positive words. He still has a long way to go to find what he seek in life.