Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore Formula 1

When I heard that The First F1 night race to be held here in Singapore, it did not register any excitement. The game of the rich and famous.
However, last night, children and I tuned into the live telecast of the race, we had a good time watching the toy like F1 zzzzzzzzzooming around the circuit. More when watching the rest of the behind the scene team work in flurry to change the tyres and refuel in 4 to 6 seconds flat. The most exciting must have been, when the Ferrari driven by Massa sped off then realised the fuel nozzle still intact. Losing precious seconds which cause him to drop from 1st placing to 13th. Alonso, due to technical problem on this Renault during the placing round on saturday, caused his F1 to stop dead on the track, putting him in the 15th placing. He was deflated "The race is lost. You can't overtake here and I'm starting from 15th. so I wil be going out just to lap the track, but it's over already" quoted from him after his race on saturday. Sometimes, a little miracle and little luck changes one's fortune. Unfortunate crash by his teamate, the costly mistake by Massa, confusion and confidence shaken, Alonso sped into 1st position from lap 33 and all the way to the final 61st lap!!!
A lesson for us all. Never say die always say try.
Yes, it's an exciting race.


seefei said...

F1 fever got to you to hah? i was excited too cos a kind soul gave me a ticket to a grandstand sit. will post once i sorted out the photo....

iml said...

Lucky lucky you.