Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giving Blood

The first time I donated was 20 years ago. Last saturday was the 2nd time . Painless and for a good cause. Took youngest with me so that she would be expose to the many ways of giving. Charity comes in many forms. Some donate money. Others, their boundless energy, time, skill and knowledge.
Much has changed since the my first experience. 40 odd questions plus 6 more supplementary questions on the recent outbreak of Chikungunya, Density and pressure checked, I was ready. The equipments used were mostly all disposable. In less then 10 minutes, the pouch was filled. Youngest was squirmished but I reassured her it was painless. She got to keep the pressure ball.

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seefei said...

i was a regular donor during univ days cos there was blood drive every so often. but stopped after graduation due to work and inconvenience of dropping by SGH. If there is blood drive in the Community Centre, you bet i will go again.

it is good to encourage the young to donate. i donated against my late mum wish.