Thursday, September 04, 2008

One week school break

It's the one week school break. Being in the midst of the 'A' level preliminary exam, eldest is on self imposed house arrest. While son, dragging his feet every morning to attend school at 9a.m. Youngest, the happiest. Just returned from 3 days of absailing, kayaking, ziplining and flying foxing. The Primary 5 Adventure Camp at Changi. First time she spent 24 hours with her friends. Eating, sleeping and communal bathing. Arrived home this afternoon, exhausted but excited. Though it has been cloudy and raining intermittently for the past few days, she came back, tanned. After unpacking and giving her a good scrub, she slept for the next 2 hours waking up for dinner, excited chatters with sister then at 9pm, slept.
Truly an exciting break this has been. For her, that is.


doc said...

if only we adults had not lost the innocence of a child, we would have enjoyed this life better.

iml said...

Knowing and worrying too much of what the future will hold for us, keeps us from living for now.