Wednesday, September 03, 2008

BreadTalk StaleTalk

Freshly baked, creamed and a quick roll on the bed of floss and Voila!! The Delectable Floss Bun which made BreadTalk known. Now, my latest favourite from BreadTalk, Greentea redbean Loaf. Moist and sweet to just eat it on it's own, until last friday. Had bought a loaf and upon reaching home had one slice for tea. Startled. Slightly dry not as fresh and moist of a newly baked loaf. Bread crumbs dotted my table as I bite into my bread. Daughter came home later, had a slice. One bite, and her conclusion was the same. Dissapointed. Had to quickly polish off the whole loaf before the weekend was over.


Las montañas said...

Never liked breadtalk stuff. overpriced typical heartland bread.

iml said...

They just lost another customer.