Monday, September 22, 2008

All things NiuNai

Suddenly it dawn on many. All diary product, including biscuits(using butter, milk powder) and chocolates and confectioneries made in factories located in China have a great possiblity of being tainted with the melamine toxic. This includes popular brand hershey, that fills nearly half the shelves in the chocolate and confectionery section with Mars bar, M&Ms, Kisses, Kitkats..........
In Singapore. the advise here is, read the label. If it's from China, refrain from consuming. Avoid cheap food stuff.

Maybe now my children will understand. I have always been against them eating snacks and sweets from unknown brand. It's not being petty but it's the additives especially colouring and flavoring that I don't trust. Now even brands such as Nabiscos, hersheys, Mentos by Perfetti Van Melle are questionable.

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