Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Youngest is off to a 2 day sec2 camp today. However, she is not looking forward to it.Grumbling grumbling for the last one week. She is fearful of heights and one of the activity is the flying fox. No air-con in classrooms where they'll be Sleeping in sleeping bags with 8 fans spinning as if it's about to take-off. No friends. All the girls are randomly group from across all classes. Luckily, She has one classmate in her group of 12. Last on her grumbling list, bathing. They are given only a bucket of cold water to wash from tip to toe. She is not bringing her hair conditioner. No fun when it's not spending 24/3 with friends screaming, laughing, gossiping and snoring. This morning I spotted girls pulling along trolley bag on one hand and carrier bag on the other. Must be taking the bathroom and the bedroom with them too. Wonder what stories will she tell me when I pick her up on friday.


stay-at-home mum said...

i'm sure it will be fun, fun, fun! thats what my kids tell me after they come back even tho they are all frowns before going.

iml said...

I'm sure.