Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Searching For a Friend

Me : Hello, May I speak to Julie L**?
Stranger: Where are you calling from?
Me : I'm L**** calling from V*****
Stranger: I'm sorry but Julie has left the company 4 years ago.
Me : Oh! Is there any way I can contact her.
I'm an old friend of hers.
Stranger: Why don't you give me your contact and I'll pass to herwhen I see her.
Me : Do you have a contact number?
Stranger: No, but Penang is so small, we're bound to see each other.
(Not convinced and still determine to find her)
Me : Do you know where is working now?
Stranger: I think she left for W***** U
Me : You have the number of the U?
Stranger: Let me browse...... Ah, it's ****
Me : By the way just to confirm that we're talking about the same person.
Is she in her forties, shoulder length hair?
Stranger:Yes, yes, and Slim built and wears spectacle?
Me : Yes, that sounds like Julie. Thank you.
3 calls later, I had her direct line. The minute I heard her voice, I know, I've found her, my long lost friend Julie Lim.

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