Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Unhealthy with high sodium and fats. Cooked in ultra-hot oil which is high in trans fats. Consumming large amount of Potatoes with it's high glycemic index food can increased risk of diabetes. Yet, It's still a favourite/handy snack for many inspite of it all. I see children as young as one, sucking on it slowly savouring the salt. I see elderly contentedly tucking into the packet of pipping hot fries. Every mall has an eatery that serves FenchFries. Yes, I love my Fries too. With or without the chilli sauce. Don't you?


Yan said...

Funny, I have never liked french fries! But my children just love them!

stay-at-home mum said...

Ooooh! its one of the few things I would eat, and actually enjoy(!!) when I am at the Big M.

iml said...

You did not miss a thing.

Yes,yes, me too. I like it fluffy on the inside and crispy outside. Best eaten pipping hot. SuperDog at the basement of Vivo serves great fries too.

fibrate said...

I love them thick and fat. And drenched with chilli sauce! It's ok to indulge in fries...in moderation :)

iml said...

It's amazing how fast,once you start on the fries, we can polish off a packet without hardly noticing it. Too busy dunking them into the chilli sauce to notice.