Monday, February 23, 2009

AloeVera flowering

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On visiting mum's garden last week, I discovered Aloe Vera flowers. With mum's green green fingers And Tender, Loving care, everything flowers and fruits.


Las montañas said...

Congrats. could be also due to a change in climatic conditions that trigger the flowering in this Aloe.

seefei said...

first time i see an AV flower. Should take more to show us since it is so rare an occasion hehehe...

iml said...

According to my mum, this very old and huge aloe vera plant has flowered for the 3rd time.

I did but the photos were not well taken.

stay-at-home mum said...

I have aloe plant in my garden but never seen the flowers. Thanaks for sharing.

iml said...

This plant needs full sunlight and once a week watering for it to bloom. You never know, yours may just surprise you one day.

Taka from Kyoto said...

I have never seen such flower.
If I get a chance, I hope to visit to mum’s garden.
See you! (^^)/

iml said...

I am sure you will find this part of Asia interesting.