Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In my family, birthdays are normally remembered with a delicious cake with brightly lit candles. In my younger days, mum would bake. Once a horseshoe shape cake with butter icing sprinkled with desiccated coconut and smarties to add colour. Now, it's a visit to the favourite cake shop. With friends, it usually a birthday card, sometimes a surprise present enclosed. Now it's a phone call/sms. I know a friend who would remember family and friends' birthday with a meal. Another would buy something precious to commemorate. Yet another would take a photograph at every birthday to chart the passage of time.

Delicious apom with banana and corn topping, along MacAlister Rd, Pg. Had to give it a miss as someone ahead of me had ordered 40 pcs.


Taka from Kyoto said...

40pieces is surprise amount.
I guess, they will hold big party・・・・・
BTW, as my daughter was little, I used to hold the birthday party at home.
With a small birthday cake, which was decorated with pretty candles, which was same number of age. Sometimes, daughter got angry, because I forgot the day.
We cannot hold the party lately because it is difficult to gather.
It was my old happy memory
But, my daughter often sends me the present.
See you! (^^)/

Taka from Kyoto said...

Hello again.
There is nothing to worry about.
I almost understand your report.
So, I guessed that the 40 pieces were for 40 persons.
Usually, Japanese family member are not many.
The average is from four to six person.
Ⅰwas surprised, because 40 pieces pancakes was too many for us.
It seemed very delicious, and light
BTW, we have similar culture of “Dora-yaki”, which is a kind of pancake.
The famous cartoon “ Doraemon“ has a great liking for “Dora-yaki”

Thanks See You !   (^^)/

iml said...

Yes, like dora yaki except it's very thin. Most people would eat 4 to 5 pieces in one seating.

Las montañas said...

..chart the passage of time.. hahaha, looking forward to see how one ages? I don't want!

iml said...

I beg to differ, I think it's interesting to see that little baby turn into a toddler, mummy's darling to terrible teen, a powdered faced young lady to a mother. Cycle of life.

seefei said...

it is a tradition to eat mee sua with a hard boil egg in my family during celebration of birthday. i see this tradition will continue...

iml said...

Yes, the hokkiens have this tradition. My mum has recently revived this tradition. MeeSua symbolise longevity. It's a drumstick that accompanies the MeeSua in my family.

iml said...
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