Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sour plums

Over breakfast, she adamantly stated. She does not listen to the news, read the papers nor check her emails. The news these days are filled with nothing but all about lust, war and killing. Blogging? It's a waste of time. Bloggers baring their true colours ranting under the cloak of anonymity. Has not check on one yet but has heard enough. Deeply religious, she spent most of her time coaching her two children. One, with asperger syndrome. Her assertion so strong that I did not dare to venture further. Had intended to share with her the joy of writing and introducing to her an interest. Something she can share and exchange with other mothers. Blogging. But it has to be another time.


seefei said...

insan perlu sauh
pegangan ugama kuat
pun takada salah

tapi hidup di dunia
janganlah macam katak
di bawah tempurung

hidup tak rasa macam
makan tak kenyang
minum tak puas

Valerie yeo said...

I guess she has different priorities at the moment. and it can be tough on her esp with a child that has special needs - that can be quite overwhelming.

Iml said...

Ada kalanya, hidup di bawah tempurung ada kebaikannya. Memberi ketenangan jiwa and hati.

Hi!yes, but sometimes, there should be a diversion to give the mind and soul a break.