Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mercury rising

Finally school's out. And indeed there is so much to do here if one is game for exploring. The 9km Canopy walk, Sungei Buloh nature walk, the book fair at the S'pore Expo, the food fair Expo and the list continues... The great outdoor walk would be a delight for the senses if only the weather could be cooler and the humidity lower. hot!!!!!!


fibrate said...

Well have fun! :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Are you travelling these hols?
I will not, so thanks for sharing ideas on what we can do. The zoo night safari and bird park is having a 3 parks for $40 promo. Ticket to be used within a month.

Iml said...

Thanks!! Probably walking the exhibition halls. Between the air-con and the great out door, the air-con feels better!!!

Next week, a quick trip to Msia to attend a cousin's wedding. Will be taking this time to visit the Night Safari. Hoping to walk part of the Canopy. But first, better get more sunblock!