Friday, May 16, 2008


Such stark contrast. On one side, it's racing against time to pull out as many alive from the rubble while the other, after one week, it's still pondering....... still considering knowing very well time is running out. With so much donation of cash and aids pouring in from concern outsiders, what will happen to this funds? What is needed most now is prayers not cash. Praying that the survivor will pull through this calamity. To survive long enough for the aids to finally reach them.


stay-at-home mum said...

I really dont undrestand why they are hesitating when others are offering help??!!Time is of the essence here. With their hesitance to let foreign aid in, lots of it is going to end up in China, and they will end up the losers in the end.

doc said...

my worldly-wise colleague from KL related this incredulous tale - the junta regime in Myanmar are delibrately dragging their feet over aid from outside because they want to wipe out that population of peasants/fishermen/farmers, the majority of whom are opposed to the harsh military rule.

he treats a lot of refugees from Myanmar at HKL & this is the tale they tell him.

unbelieveable cruelty, isn't it?