Sunday, August 26, 2007


Rating: All 5 popcorns. Managed to catch the 9.30pm movie on the latest Bourne sequel. Once the reel starts so did the chase. One minute to catch your breath and composure as he experience flashbacks. Then the heart pounding pursue continues. The car chase scenes highly energertic spin the eyes as he screeches and crashes about and still survives with a scatch or two. Matt Damon perfectly fit Bourne's identity.Suave spy Jason Bourne, is every bit human. Oozing with conscience. Direct, forceful a man with very few words.


stay-at-home mum said...

Used to love these type of movies - but now no chance to watch - until the kids grow up. Sigh.

iml said...

Go on a movie date with hubby. You are fortunate to be staying with your In-laws. I am sure your MIL will understand. It's only this year that we have started "dating" again. My eldest is now 17 keeping an eye on my youngest,10.