Thursday, August 30, 2007

Half an acorn

PM's National Day Rally speech had me seriously wondering since. As a SAHM, with no income, no gold bullion stash away and the realization that the next generation will have a harder time, with most, having brought up in comfortable surrounding, keeping up with the high maintenance lifestyle ,will be a pinch to be fillial. Where does this leave SAHMs? Looking back, was it naive to give up a career just the well being of one's offspring without first putting aside the acorns for the winter season?


stay-at-home mum said...

hey, I do have a little nest egg somewhere. But if you ask me, not enough to see me thru until I am 80+. Thats why I guess must teach the kids to be filial.

iml said...

Blame it on the impulsive me. This is what happens when the heart rules over the head.