Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Brilliant blue

About one year ago, the tank was given a good scrub, dried and turn to it's side. No more fish. Can't bear another death. No more goldfish. The last grand dame died after being with the family for 5 years. Caught some horrible fin eating bugs from new batches of goldfish. Strolling through the heartland, this caught MDH's attention. The female Beta fishes in brilliant hues of blue twirling and gliding in the bed of green seaweeds.
Out comes the tank and Presto!!! MDH is now having a school of Beta fishes swimming in it.
When Twinkle toes, found some of them spawning the this morning, she screamed for help!! Stop the eggs from being eaten. Had to give the 10 year old a quick lesson. Got a feeling MDH is going to get another tank. This time for a male beta fish.


stay-at-home mum said...

Bought little D some fishes (guppies) twice last month, but they all died. So stopped spending money on them. Have a koi pond, but keep forgetting to feed the fishes. But they seem to be surviving . 3 kids to feed enuf liao!

iml said...

I agree. 3 kids is a handful!!Everyone wants to have a pet. Guess, who has to take over the caring.

iml said...
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