Sunday, August 05, 2007


Dad reviewed just the other day, that my brother's handphone number is in his handphone hotkey no.3 while mine is no.4. He has not the faintest idea what any of our numbers are. I am not surprised. Most of us are making full use of the many functions of the handphone that we are slowly losing the interest to commit anything to memory. It has dawn on me, that this would render me helpless and utterly frustrated in times when the handyphone is not by my side. So diligently I punch the 8 digits of the phone numbers till it's etched into my brain. These are the numbers that connect me to my families and close friends. Numbers that in times of trouble, I can call from a pay phone or a stranger's phone. I wonder how many out there still punches 8 times to get connected.


Happysurfer said...

Good point and I wonder how many of us take the trouble to copy out every single tel number in case the phone is lost.

stay-at-home mum said...

Guilty as charged! I dont remember anyones phone numbers anymore (apart from my hubby's), and when my handphone died on me recently, those numbers that were on my phone memory were lost.I had to email them for their numbers!! I have now gone back to pen and paper where I have everyone's phone number in an address book, just in case I lose my handphone.

iml said...

Happy Surfer & SAHM:
The latest idiom: When you lose your handphone you lose your friends.