Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where the sun don't shine

After enduring the discomfort for the last 20 years MDH finally decided to make a bold decision to have the operation using the latest technic the stapled operation. On thursday morning, we arrived at the ASC (ambulatory surgery centre) at 7.00am. By 7.30am he was ready to be wheeled in. The operation was over by 8.03am.The 1st patient for the day. A huge LCD screen at the waiting room kept me inform of his where about. From the operation theater right to recovery and discharged room. After a 3 hour rest he was ready to go home.
It was not until 6.30 pm that MDH realised that something was not right. He was not able to empty his full bladder for the last 8 hours. In a hurry and a flurry we left for the A&E dept. Poor him, they had to put him on hold as there were more urgent cases i.e. elderlys with heart attacks, strokes and concussions all coming in at that time. As I sat waiting patiently, I counted an average of one ambulance coming in every 15 mins at around 7.30 pm onwards at SGH.
Finally at 9.30pm he left the hospital with an accessory attached. Most uncomfortable night for MDH. We had to return the next morning to have the accessory removed. This time round MO Dr David Ng attended to us. He advised us the have breakfast and drink plenty of tea to get the bladder going before we head home. It was not until the evening that the bladder emptied by itself. Phew!!! what a relief.
Oh yes, the MO called to check. I was touch by the fact that he actually remembered us!!!
Meanwhile MDH is recuperating at home. Guess he will be out of action for the next one week.


carcar said...

get well soon to MDH!

and you take good care too liling! i see the sun is smiling now :)

IML said...

Hi Carcar
Thanx. Nothing but anxieties for the past few days but things are looking brighter!!!

FH2O said...

wishing MDH speedy recovery.

u take care too.

Happysurfer said...

Wishing your DH a speedy recovery.

piccola said...

I had that operation just last month too, but no stapling. :/ Wishing your MDH a speedy recovery.

IML said...

Hope you had a speedy and painless recovery. MDH still has muscle cramps now and then. It has been like 3 weeks ):
Thanks for dropping by.