Saturday, May 27, 2006

Forty two

Finally I reached my second 21 years in life. Mum threw a party for me when I reached my first twenty one years. Then, I was working at a legal firm in Penang while waiting to enter college. Mum single handedly cooked up a storm. Had my collegues, friends and neighbours over. Most importantly, mum presented me with a golden key pendant. A key to adulthood and independance. Dad presented me with a watch. Which until a few months ago had been my faithful time keeper.
One month later, I secured a place in a college in Kuala Lumpur. This was the first time I moved out of my cosy home and my family away from my Penang island. For the first time in my life I was on my own.

Now twenty one years later, I am a wife, a mother of 3 and living away from my home. After my college years, I was back in Penang but not for long as I moved to Singapore to join MDH. My first job was with a toy Company, TOMY. Soon the stork arrived. Then another. It was this time that I gave up my job to be a full time mom. I wanted my children to be in good hands. I wanted to see them grow. I wanted them to come running to me when they need someone to comfort them.

My first twenty one years were spent growing and learning.
My next twenty one years were spent nurturing and teaching my children.
I wonder what will my next twenty one years be.


carcar said...

wat a sweet post you have here!

*warm hugs to liling*

*happy birthday sweet 2nd 21*

IML said...

Hi carcar you are my gem!!
Thank you so much.
Yes, I am behind time again!!!

FH2O said...

As the saying goes - "Life Begins at 40"; so congratulations on being 'Two' kiddo! ;)

Robin said...

hmmm .. another dragon lady..

Happy Birthday..

ehon said...

awww.. mummy's love. happy "burp"day! =)

Chris said...

What a sweet mom. I'm referring to your mother, and you, of course. Not many mothers have the luxury to sacrifice their job for their family. My the other significant half took time off for almost a year to care for our baby. She almost went nuts at the end of it. According to her, there was simply no social life, other then with the baby, the husband, and the four walls within the home. Plus she feared becoming a 黄脸婆。LOL.

Happysurfer said...

A belated "Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day".

IML said...

Yipee!!! I am two

You a gentle dragon too?


That is true. I had to stay very positive and keep myself busy with other interest i.e. taking short courses. My social life: zlich!!


Chen said...

a very very happy belated birthday.. sorry, I was so late :P

IML said...

Thanks. Great to have you dropping by once a while. Must admit, I am not so updated with my entries.

A Fellow Traveler said...

blessed belated birthday, girl!

so sorry for the late wishes

Anonymous said...

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