Friday, May 05, 2006


Politely friends would always ask if I want anything before they go on their holiday. Yes, I want them to have a good trip. Meaning unwind and think of nothing but absorbing the sights sounds and tickle their palates with all those delectable morsels.
When a friend of mine went trekking in Tibet I couldn't help but asked for a pebble from the top of the world. A place I might not have the opportunity to visit. My deduction is: that would be the only authentic local produce(then again I could be wrong) Have to admit I did ask for pebbles not rocks.

Now my Tibetan rocks decorate my fish pond.


carcar said...

nice nice! wow you have a fish pond? i must go your hse and visit one day! can can? and have a look of the tibetan pebbles! hehe :P

IML said...

Wait for me at kovan mrt station ok (:

Doc said...

I love koi ponds...but my goldfish tend to eat a lot and produce a lot of xxxx.

Chen said...

U have a fish pond at home? That's cool :)

IML said...

I am so lucky to have my daugther who volunteers to clean up the xxxx ;)