Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SpecialistCadet School

This week he is off to the second part of his training. Learning to be a competent soldier. Learning in more indepth of what warfare is all about.  He has indeed grown. Packed his huge luggage the night before. Next morning 5.45am he was up and dressed. On the dot 6.20am down with his luggage ready. Told him the night before that we would be out of the house by 6.30am.

All through the journey to the western tip, reminiscing on his bloops, blunders and all the happenings during his BMT in P. Tekong.
Hopefully he will find the next phase of his training rewarding and satisfying.

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doc said...

indeed he has achieved his rite of passage & into the next phase of his life.

all the best!