Saturday, January 05, 2013

Passing Out Parade

Notwithstanding what was said,  was glad to be at East Coast Park at 10pm last night. A cool and breezy night.  Drove along until the last carpark lot when military vehicles were spotted. Son messaged to say that he was at his resting point at ECP that very moment. In the crowd of hundreds sitting around, he waved to catch my attention. Only a handful of parents turn up as not many were aware of this resting point. Though he could not come out to meet but we chatted over the phone until it was time to move out for the next 3km. Finally reached his 24km at 3 in the morning.
This morning was the Passing Out Parade. In a grand ceremony to congratulate the recruits for Passing the Basic Military Training. Proud that he gritted his teeth and held his tongue and endure.


stay-at-home mum said...

COngrats!! Now the worse is over, i guess. On to OCS?

iml said...

ThankQ. It's a relief. Not told where to next. Probably by this friday.