Thursday, January 03, 2013


Come this friday evening, the recruits will take the final test of endurance. The final making of Ah boys to Men. The 24km march from the SAF ferry terminal to the floating platform in the heart of the city centre. He was aghast and protested when I suggested that parents should line the road to cheer them on. The walk starting from 8 pm till dawn the next day.
It has been a learning journey for many. The  #&?%$ language just to push them a little harder. The excruciating ache from the weight and the exercise. A conversational piece amongst his  peers for many many moons to come.


doc said...

definitely a grown-up now - don't need parents mollycoddling him along now!

iml said...


stay-at-home mum said...

oh yes, they will cringe if we are anywhere near there cheering them on, or even touch them if they are near their peers. Really an Ah boy to Man!!

cy.leow said...

Me no regret having two girls ;)

iml said...

I went anyway. Surprised he called to tell me his location. He was so sure I would be there. He was right. Check through the mindef webpage for the location. So kiasu. Even gave me a wave for me to locate him in the sea of Ah boys. All looking alike. So proud of him!!!

CY Leow:
Yes, two lovely daugthers you have.