Tuesday, September 25, 2012


With secretary, there was never a need to do any filing and clearing of paperworks. Monthly utility bills, financial statements of all sorts, newsletters from clubs and societies. Invoices and receipts of purchases, he kept them all. A programme analyst by profession, programmes he ever wrote for billing systems around asia, he kept.
A passionate DIY man, all electrical equipments redundant or obsolete, beyond repair, he kept, odds and ends together with huge collection of tools. Hoping to one day dissect and maybe salvage parts for other uses. All For the last 20 odd years.

With heavy heart and reluctance, spent the last 3 days spring cleaning.
First, The wardrobe. Clothes that was his favourite, so worn and washed, clothes, forgotten, neatly pressed, and clothes yet to wear, still tagged. Sorted kept a few, the rest, to the recycle containers.
Then, his study table and cabinets. Stacks of papers systematically glance through and torn up.

Next trip back, the storeroom. All things stored away, to keep him busy tinkering in his retirement years.

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