Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Battle of the HeongPeah

Once awhile on the way home, dad would stop infront of a row of shops along Beach Street to buy a roll or two of heong peah. Sweet lotus paste for mum while dad, the saltish bean paste filling. Just a hint of fried shallots in the saltish variety gives it that piquant taste.
Remembered looking into the shop from outside the car. Nothing showing to give hint of the product except for the name. Just a high top wooden counter with a serious looking man presiding over it. As production of the biscuits were limited, it was a disspointment most of the time.  Reason being to maintain freshness. Then in the early 80s through word of mouth, we heard of another, just as good heong peah shop. Rumour has it that the baker was a former employee of the shop at Beach street. Indeed it was good.  Making sure there's enough to meet the daily unpredictable demand. The rest is history.
Today Ghee hiang has stopped producing the traditionally paper rolled type. Him Heang is still keeping this tradition alive.


stay-at-home mum said...

those are my two fav shops in Penang.

iml said...

It's a must souvenir for most asian tourist now to pick up a pack or two.

Anonymous said...

How much is per box now?

cy.leow said...

I miss Penang :(

iml said...

Anon: Selling at RM6.50 for the box pack.

cy.leow: Going back anytime soon? Much has chance esp on the street where you used to live.

jy abgh said...

Tks. Pricing not too bad considering inflation over time.

The last time I bought from that shop was almost 10 yrs.