Thursday, September 06, 2012


At the begining of youngest's sec 2 school term, the girls were allowed to choose their own seating in class. Naturally many sat with friends. However, when the mid year exam results came out, the form teacher was not pleased and thought there should be a reshuffle in the seating arrangement. Meaning separating noisy groups. Putting inattentive infront or putting a student in between two friends.  Mr L, the form teacher only teaches them one subject. Meaning he sees the girls only 3 times a week in class.
The girls were not at all happy with this and came up with a solution after a class discussion. When Mr L walks out of the class after each lesson, they will go back to their original seating position. This entails swift running around  with bags and all, before the next subject teacher comes in. Surprisingly  everyone went along with this. Even the class rep and assistant did not squel.
This arrangment went on for the next 2 months. The girls would hold their breathe and wonder each time Mr L walks pass the class or comes to the class looking for someone. If he had noticed, he probably thought he was mistaken. Soon girls from other classes came to know about this. All good things must come to an end. Mr L walks into class one morning looking very serious. Dissapointed, he lectured and ranted. Finally he let the girls keep to the old seating arrangement but insisted that they be serious with their studies.
Had a good laugh when youngest told me and I thought the class had such strong bonding to unite to this cause. All 40 of them.  I'm sure the Mr L had to agree on this. No need class outing or class party. I'm not sure how Mr L found out. Probably was informed by someone. Will ask  him one day.

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