Thursday, August 02, 2012


Ultimately one has to exist. Unfortunately we do not have the privilege to decide how we wish to go.  Into an oblivion departure. The mind slowly slips away from sanity leaving an empty vessal for loved one to care for?  To bade adieu sadness and pain. The mind painfully alert to the surrounding as the body battle with insufferable pain.  Cousin called yesterday sounding distraught. Her mum has been diagnosed with Alzheimer.


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doc said...

have to accept that as our life span increases, we will be burdened by all kinds of ailments in the twilight years, eg. for women, it's uterine fibroids & for men, prostatism. this is in addition to the usual suspects (cataract, cancer, stroke, heart attack).

sometimes we can delay their onset by a change of lifestyle & diet. LKY's mind is still very sharp because he's not stop learning.