Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fatal rupture

She complained of stomach cramp. As it was the second time in the last few weeks, husband took her to the nearby GP. GP examined and comfined it was just a stomach cramp. Gave her some medication. However, by noon the next day,as she was still in excruciating pain. he took her to the nearest hospital ED. A private hospital in the east. Warded for observation. By morning, doctor comfirmed, a ruptured appendicitis. Immediately an operation was done. As the area was still swollen, the wound was left unstitched. She was sent to the ICU. One look and Husband was appalled by the condition on the ICU. Under renovation and the air-conditioning was not working. Workers were seen walking in and out of the room. Wife died 5 days later. Husband broken and griefing. He is now seeking an answer.

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