Thursday, January 27, 2011


First visit, 4 teeth removed. Left top and bottom molar, Left top and bottom premolar.
2nd visit, 4 teeth removed. Right top and bottom molar, right top and bottom premolar.
3rd visit, cavities found and fixed.

Girlfriend's daughter, putting up with the(excruciating?)pain and discomfort(and hunger?), all for the preparation of bracing her teeth. Aesthetic reason. All within the last 3 weeks. And the braces are not even fixed yet. Surviving on milk shake and campbell soup. And I'm still trying to keep the wisdom teeth till the last possible moment as my top wisdom teeth,not aligned with the bottom, will eventually bite onto my gums.


doc said...

i thought i could hold on to the wisdom teeth as well, but alas, they decided to act up, causing pain & gum inflammation. it happened a week before an important exam at that, & i had to endure almost a week of diet of porridge & milk.

eventually, had them extracted after the infection settled.

iml said...

Just could not fathom how some would have their teeth, the only set of teeth removed for vanity.

doc said...

that you have to ask your friend or her daughter.