Saturday, July 03, 2010

Milo Truck

Youngest saw the truck and instantly moved towards it. Yes, a cup of Milo from the Milo Truck. A once a year treat for the students. On Sports Day. In Penang too, I remember as we patiently queue under the scorching sun, for that cool cool cup of thirst quenching sweet Milo. Only one cup per coupon . How we wished we could get just one more. According to youngest, The Milo truck makes the best cup, as she helped herself with another cup. The Milo truck, parked at the Health and Wellness exhibition at Suntec convention centre until tomorrow.


doc said...

i agree - they make the best cup of iced milo.

& i wished we weren't limited by the coupons.

See Teck said...

Bring back happy memories when i spotted the Milo van in Penang beside Hongkong Bank building and since then dropping by almost every day to have a cup of iced-milo for RM1.20 per cup. However, can't find any Milo van in Ipoh!