Sunday, July 11, 2010


On impulse, we rented a tandem and two bicycles and off we went. Cycling along the east coast park on a lovely cool sunday evening. Been a long time since we last came here to cycle. Youngsters cycling and blading, little ones running, dogs walking, famillies and friends barbecuing, it's Saturday!
After two hours and 16km later, we had to no qualms on going for a well-deserved dinner at the nearby restaurant. Our next family cycling trip will be in 4 weeks time.


doc said...

isn't 4 weeks a long way off??

& what do they do about dogs that leave "things" behind??

iml said...

To straighten the jellied legs and to keep the interest going.
As for the dogs, most owners are civil minded, bagging "it" and dropping it into the nearest bin.