Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food For thought

Recently had dinner at a Little Peranakan restaurant near my home. Ordered most of the all time popular peranakan dishes and waited in anticipation. Then, I glanced into the kitchen opening and I noticed. Just two kitchen staff inside preparing. No sound of the chef tossing his wok nor any sound of a bustling kitchen. Then I realised. Most of the items on the menu were dishes which need only to be heated up. Babi ponteh, ayam buah keluak, ayam rendang to name a few. The vegetable offered were either sayur lodek, sambal timun or rojak chinchang. In other words, no cooking needed. I found this disturbing. Startled when the food arrived in petite portion. Seems like we are being served in a restaurant, paying restaurant price, with reheated food. Will not be going there again.


seefei said...

i go for my peranakan fix at "dulu kala" at beauty world, 4th storey.

iml said...

Thanks for the tip-off. Will make a trip there for dinner one day when I'm around that part of spore.