Friday, April 09, 2010

Taking Penang home.

This trip back to hometown, I was sure that a hand carry luggage would suffice. Meaning just a 10kg onboard. After all a 3 nights at M&D's place. This morning, all the clothing had to be out of the luggage. The hair brush too. A 15min stop at the most popular biscuit shop, yielded 2kg of assorted biscuits. At the wet market, 2 kg of fresh nutmegs, A must have. Mum insisted that I should, if not whole, have a slice of garden grown wintermelon she is so proud of. It's organic. Then, the curry paste, I so love. I'm going to have a problem at the airport this evening.


stay-at-home mum said...

Yum! I love the nutmeg as well as the "teh soh piah" (from Him Heang or Gnee Hiang?) from penang.... and organic wintermelon ... why not? I will take that too/ Why not buy an extra bag to take home all those goodies.

iml said...

I flew on Jetstar light. Meaning only hand lugagge. At S$95 I thought it was a great deal.Little did I know, I'd cart so much home on such a short trip.