Thursday, April 15, 2010


Life could not have been better. After 10 years of hard work. He made a pile. Been there done that. Along the way married his JC sweetheart bought a district 9 condo and a lovely little girl to complete the picture.
Then middle of last year, his dad discovered the right leg weakening. Bone spur formation was slowly, silently, painlessly damaging his nerves. After two spinal operations, he is still unable to walk. On the 10th day of the lunar new year, his mum had a fit. Rushed to hospital, had an MRI scan to discover a tumour pressing on her brain. After much persuasion, she had the tumour removed last week. Clearly, both of them, with retricted mobility, will not be able to stay on their own, in another island 65min by plane. Cousin will have to make some tough decisions.

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seefei said...

the sickness is unpredictable, suffering is not. life cannot run away from suffering, just that we dont recognise them in any other form beside those that involved pain.

my heart goes out to your cousin's family